Welcome to my very first blog post - YAY!! 

My hope is to share a wonderful view of what my sessions look like.  I'm not just capturing the big picture, the one you'll frame for the the grandparents but all the little things to.  Like the way the wind picks up the delicate whisps of your daughters hair, or the way you look at your children, the soft touches of little hands in yours and of course all the laughter and huge smiles. 

So I couldn't think of a better family to grace this inaugural post. 

I first met the Johns family when they were expecting bub no. 2. Their easy going loving nature was so wonderful witness and capture. So when Brooke called to tell we she was expected bub no. 3 , I was beyond thrilled that I was able to photograph them again.   We met on the banks of the Murray River one warm January afternoon and these are the images we created.

Before there were five...