I’m guessing you have lots of questions!  Great!!  I have the answers!


What does lifestyle photography even mean?

My aim is wholeheartedly capture your family in their own unique way. I may set you up in loose poses or in the best light and then you’re free to just ‘be’.  Laugh, play, tickle…  I will guide you a little but... it will be you guys that will create the magic.  We’ll play some games and let the kids run around, they don’t need to stay in one place the whole time, let them explore.  I want to show how special a child is just by being themselves.


Where will our session take place?

I have my favourite locations here in Yarrawonga or do you know of a fabulous spot?  I'd love to check it out and see if it's suitable.  I also absolutely love to photograph family's in their homes, at their farms and property's . (Any location more than 1 hour drive from Yarrawonga will incur a travel fee)        


What time will our session start?

All my outdoor sessions take place around 90 mins before sunset.  This is so we can get the most yummiest and prettiest light of the day. In-home sessions can be more flexible, but generally 10 am is a good time to start.


How long do your sessions take?

The session will run for around 90mins.  I love to take my time, I don’t rush, so everyone gets to relax and have fun.  We will stop and have little breaks here and there so make sure you bring some drinks and little snacks for the kids.


We’d love an in-home session but my house in not perfect?

Who’s is!   I am there to capture your family as they are, right at this very moment, the sweet and the crazy!   Your house doesn’t have to be spotless, just a quick whip around to clear clutter and we’re good to go.  I'd love to have a tour of your home when I arrive and I generally shoot in the rooms with the best light, whether that be your master bedroom, kids rooms or lounge and we can even go and have a play in the garden.


I’d love an in-home newborn session, when should I book?

It’s best to get in touch early to secure your preferred date as I do tend to book out.  A newborn session should take place anytime in the first 6 to 14 days.   


Eeeek, what do we wear??!!

The most common question!

My very best advice is to make you sure you all co-ordinate but you certainly don’t need to match.  Mum’s pick your outfit first. I love maxi dresses and flowing skirts, they always add beautiful movement to your photos but your favourite jeans and a pretty top work just as well, something you feel comfortable and beautiful in is always the very best choice.  Also think about using different textures and patterns. Don’t be afraid to layer items of clothes and add accessories.  But please stay away from large brand logos across the front of t-shirts and fluorescent colours.

If you’re having an in-home session, consider your décor and even your bedspread to guide you in colour choices.

You can also have a look at my 'what to wear' page on Pinterest here to give you a few ideas and please feel free to send me photos of your outfits, I'm always happy to help.


What if one of us is sick?

We can reschedule, don’t stress, these things happen.  We’ll also reschedule if I am sick.


Oh no we’ve booked an outdoor session and the weather forecast is predicting rain? What should we do?

I will keep a close eye on the weather in the lead up to our session.  We will chat the morning of the session and decide if we should go ahead or reschedule.


What happens after the session?

A couple of day’s after the session I will post some sneak peeks on Facebook and Instagram.  In three weeks time I will have your images ready on a usb for you to collect or for a small postage fee I can send the usb straight to you. Or depending on your session I will email you a link to your digital downloads.   And don’t forget to back them up onto your computer, another hard drive or send them to the cloud. 


I have more questions? 

I’m always happy to chat, please don’t hesitate to contact me here